My parents live on a 100 acres of mixed maple trees & farm land  Hartington, just 10 minutes from the studio.

Each year this labour of love is a part hard work and part joy for my parents.  A wood-fired boiler bubbles this beautiful, delicious liquid maple golden/amber each spring. 

Sterile bottling takes place in into either plastic jugs or glass bottles to meet local customers orders.

Pre-orders are taken each late winter, but does not guarantee supply.

Mother nature provides what she can, but there is no way to know how much sap will be collection & the resulting amount of syrup produced.



Maple Syrup Local from Hartington

  • Maple syrup can be stored at room temperature in the original bottles so long as original cap seal hasn't been broken.

    Once opened maple syrup should be stores in the fridge or freezer.

    It can be frozen and thawed, the re-frozen without interfering with consistency, texture, taste or nutritional value.