Impurities from the environmental, many commercial hair treatments, styling products and even internal factors like deficiencies in certain nutrients, genetic factors and stress all contribute to hair & scalp challenges.


This fortifying and clearing treatment helps support the hair shaft, new hair growth, helps detoxifying and clear built up chemicals on the hair & scalp to refresh and new.


If you experience oiliness, breakage, hair loss, dandruff, itchiness, lifelessness with your hair and scalf, this hair treatment might be a good addition to your weekly routine.


Simple ingredients including apple cider vinegar infused with rosemary and boosted by pure essential oils can help clear away and restore lustre, life and health without weighing down the hair shaft.


More info & photos to come soon.  Awaiting bottling supplies to arrive off of backorder.

Rosemary Hair & Scalp Revitalizer