Pronounced "Ni-roo-ja".  In sanskrit (the original language of yoga), 
niruja means wholesome, natural, free from disease.

In an on-going effort to minimize our environmental impact, we are reducing our plastic packaging & introducing more glass packaging.  

our new labels will be converting over to kraft paper 100% recycled/recyclable.  Our new labels & glass jars will start appearing as our old stock depletes



Small batches now blended as orders are received.

skin care as mother nature intended


Neroli silk face creme

This past year, this particular face creme has become our most popular facial care item.  The rich, yet light texture, goes on smooth, penetrates & nourishes skin without feeling heavy or greasy.  Great for sensitive or mature skin & those that need extra protection from the elements.

neroli silk.JPG

body butter

This luxurious body creme is thick and nourishing, yet light and easily absorbed.  Great for all skin types, be especially beneficial for dry and rough skin that needs extra hydration that lasts.  Our original body butter offers a subtle, inviting scent with eucalyptus, mandarin, cedarwood, lime & lavender.   We now offer the same rich formula in an unscented variety and an exfoliating version that offers the warm sweet smell of chocolate, lime & ho wood essential oils.

Naturally Simple

Artisan, hand blended aromatherapy products made with love and infused with prana.  All our products are made with simple, naturally sourced, organic when possible ingredients that will nourish your skin, treat your mind and soul.  I believe that nature provides us with abundance in health if we choose to use our naturally occurring resources wisely.  Limiting our chemical exposure as much as possible is vital to our health and well-being, and that of mother nature.

Only pure essential oils, carrier oils & natural preservatives are used in our products.  Because we've decided to blend with only natural ingredients, our products have a limited shelf life and may have minor variations in colour & consistency from batch to batch.  Mother nature's ingredients are never truly identical.  Often times batches of beeswax, essential oils & plant hydrosols will have slight colour variations and this can affect the final product.  We appreciate your understanding and willingness to work with mother nature's variety!

We try out best to source ingredients from ethical producers and providers.  Most of our suppliers are Canadian owned and operated.  Some ingredients are sourced world wide as the Canadian climate does not lend itself to sustainable growing for all ingredients we use.  If you are an existing student/client that is nearby of the studio we highly encourage you to return your containers to be refilled.  If you are not close by - please recycle the packaging or reuse it if you can.

Hanging Herbs

What some of our customers have to say about the products.

Love the name!!! Love the products more. 

Lisa G. Harrowsmith, On.

Your products are amazing, I know that you will do well!! 

Linda P, Kingston, On

My husband stole my lip balm, so I'll need another and the body butter is to die for. 

Carmen F  Brockville, On.

Your body butter is just amazing on my extremely dry skin.  I now use it head to toe. I recommend it all the time to my friends.  Once you use it, you're hooked. 

Carrie P  Kingston, On.

I started using Niruja Skin products roughly two years ago and there’s now nothing else I will use on my face & body. They are all natural, luxurious, and in some cases even customizable. It’s wonderful to be able to use a lotion when the scent is tailor-made for you! Jo-Anne also works with great care to help you find the perfect product. She is honest and will never try to sell you something that she knows will not be right for you. I trust her completely to guide me when I’m not sure what product to choose. Having Niruja Skin products around my home, my family has now started using them as well. That’s the beauty of natural products, they’re safe for everyone. My 7yo son loves the body butter with a Pitta-focused scent. My husband and daughter love the refreshing toner hydrosol, I have to make sure I have multiple available now! 

Amy S.  Odessa, On.

I was gifted some Niruja Skin care products from a dear friend and have been hooked ever since.  My face has never felt softer or been more radiant.  I am so in love with the charcoal face wash, rose hydrosol and neroli silk face creme.  These products have helped me create a daily self care routine that make me feel so good, inside and out!  The high vibes, love and care infused into each product is so evident, thank you Jo, you are amazing!.  

With love & gratitude, 

Kerry M, Kingston, On.

I was gifted some of your body butter.  I can no longer live without it.  You have gained a life long customer!

Annie W.  Kingston, On.