Healthy Skin inside & out

Healthy Skin starts from the inside and can then be supported and nourished from the outside.

Key elements to getting & maintaining a healthy glow:

1) Proper daily hydration. Water, water, water. An average person needs about 2 L of water daily to maintain all bodily functions. There are reasons to increase or decrease this amount, such as how much you exercise, what types of foods or other beverages you consume, but the general, rule is about 2L/day. If you consume coffee, lots of meat, processed foods, lots of salt or sugar, or are larger than 150-180lbs you may need to increase your water intake. If you consume a diet mostly of vegetables, fruits, herbal tea, or weigh less than 150lbs, you may need a bit less. Ensuring you get sufficient water daily, helps to hydrate every cell in your body, including your skin.

2) Good healthy fats. Essential Fatty Acids (omega fats) are vital to our health and well-being. Each cell in your body needs a healthy layer of fat surrounding it in order to thrive. Our body’s “essential” need is because it cannot manufacture these on its own. We need to consume them in order to benefit. These essential fats provide protection, insulation, capacity for communication via the nervous system and hormonal systems and give our skin that “healthy glow”. Consuming high Omega 3 essential fatty acid rich foods such as cold water fish, flax seed & chia seeds are a great start to healthy, vibrant, glowing skin. Ditch the processed food that likely contains hydrogenated fats, which are more likely to cause congestion and sluggishness to your cells and your skin.

3) Proper bowel habits & detoxification. If we are not having proper bowel movements daily, we are likely congested and this can lead to a myriad of health complaints including skin concerns like acne, rosacea, dermatitis, inflammation or irritation. Having at least 1 bowel movement daily, from a diet rich in water, healthy fats, fibre (both soluble and insoluble), lots of vegetables and fruits and low in processed foods helps to support good bowel hygiene. If we are cleared of debris and wastes each day, our skin is likely to be more radiant. When we are clean on the inside, we typically have a healthy glow to our skin and our outlook.

4) Antioxidants and nutrient rich support. Vitamins A, C, E & the mineral selenium are of great support to the oxygenation of our cells. Oxygen rich cells are more capable of transporting nutrients to cells and debris from cells. Oxidation of tissues occurs with exposure to elements both within the environment and within our own body’s as we interact with the world. Diets higher in nutrients (vitamins & minerals) better help support all body functions, reduce & slow down the signs of aging inside and out. When you see brightly coloured foods such as berries, peppers, tomatoes, green leafy veggies, these will be your foods higher in “antioxidants”. Look for food that grows fresh with strong colour pigments like blue, red, orange, green, purple or yellow.

5) Supportive skin care. Eliminating toxins & heavy chemicals such as petroleum based ingredients, parabens, sulfates & propylene glycol are a great step in the right direction in reducing your daily chemical exposure. These products are often less expensive because of fillers and binders and can create a vicious skin care cycle that requires you to strip your skin, then put something on to restore, then strip, then restore. When you opt for natural, edible and real ingredients, your skin will thank you immediately and over time so will your liver.

Opting for fresh skin care products using real, natural ingredients, pure essential oils, carrier oils and preservatives such as vitamin e or rosemary extract, and free from artificial fragrances is a great way to support yourself, nourish and provide a healthy glow without added things to weigh you or your skin down. Skin care should be simple, effective & as fresh as possible.

As a Certified Aromatherapist for over 20 years, I can tell you how much of a difference I have noticed in my skin and how to support it through good nutrition, good products and the joys of essential oils. I may not know much about using make up as I’ve never been one to wear it, but I do understand very well that what I bring into my body and what I put on it has an effect.

Try out our face, body, pet or home care products. I have a little something for everyone. If you don’t see something that suits your needs. Ask. New product development is always welcome.

Yours in health & happiness,


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