Daily use of this oil will hydrate the skin, calm the mind & sooth the soul.  Can be used as a lovely bath oil for a relaxing and grounding experience.

Ideal for Vata dosha types, but can be used by anyone who enjoys the sweet & earthiness of floral oils.

Now with organic, unrefined grapeseed oil.


Product Review:

"I so really enjoy the experience of using this oil.  The smell is fabulous and calms my nerves.  The application is easy (love the large bottle with the pump) and non-greasy.  I use this oil in the fall, winter and spring to keep my skin healthy and resilient.  Thanks Jo!!!"  Mona W, Kingston, Ont.

Steady & Calm Body Oil

  • Organic jojoba oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic apricot kernel oil, essential oils of lavender, cinnamon, geranium & rose