Pure ingredients, free from chemical additives, fixatives and perfumes.  This natural deodorant is loaded with ingredients to help keep your under arms protected from unwanted odour caused by bacteria.  Loaded with skin nourishing ingredients that will not block your body's natural defences, clog your pores or congest your lymphatics from clearing.  Diatomaceous earth and arrowroot starch are natural drying agents, that will not strip your skin of moisture.  Coconut oil provides a natural cooling factor for the body, shea butter nourishes the skin, tea tree and witch hazel have natural astringent qualities.  All the essential oils have been chosen for their anti-bacterial, anti-viral qualities which will help to odour causing bacteria to a minimum.  


"The deodorant smells wonderful and leaves my underarms cool and dry." Annie W. - Kingston, Ont


  • Diatomaceous earth, arrowroot starch, organic cocont oil, shea butter, sodium bicarbonate, witch hazel distillate, tea tree hydrosol, zinc oxide, bamboo charcoal, essential oils of cedarwood, sweet orange, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, thyme & lemongrass.